My Attempt to Correct Marketing Industry Mistakes

It’s Day 6 of the Just Blog It 30-day Blog Challenge for Entrepreneurs, and today’s challenge is about industry pet peeves: What’s one thing that happens in my industry that gets under my skin?


My Pet Peeve in The Marketing Industry

marketing industry pet peeve

As a marketing professional, my pet peeve is that too many people have launched themselves as social media experts, and they get business owners all hyped up on social media like it’s the next coming.

Most of the so-called social media experts that are selling products to small business owners are clueless, but they can sound like they know what they’re talking about to an uninformed business owner who doesn’t know the difference… that is, until said business owner has a conversation with me.

I’m always debunking something!

Why is this a pet peeve?

The problem is that these products are written and created so that marketing professionals like myself can understand them, but the average non-marketing professional doesn’t know what to do with them. These products are stuffed with marketing jargon, statistics, and irrelevant examples that people cannot understand and tactics they cannot implement.

Then these poor, duped business owners somehow find me (usually via social media or Google)  and they’re out of money, trying to implement bad advice, or simply stuck with a bunch of products that they don’t know how to use.


“You’re either a part of the problem or a part of the solution.”


Instead of complaining, I am doing something about it.

my attempt to correct marketing industry mistakes

I create products and provide services in layman’s terms, and skip the marketing jargon.  I want you to actually understand what I’m talking about and take action to do the work without confusion.

I’m creating programs that have built in Q&A time with me so that you’re not sitting at home by yourself with this fabulous product and you have no idea what to do with it.

I continue to blog, writing in a take-action style, giving you specific action-items and to-do’s that will allow you  to market your business offline and online effectively. Note – you could literally build your marketing plan based on my blog posts alone, if you’re so inclined.

I provide user friendly tips, ideas, and action items for you to use right now via social media.

I offer an ezine with additional marketing information and resources just for subscribers, plus freebies!

All my clients get random follow-up from me, either via email or social media. I’ve been known to put a client or two on blast for slacking!

I’m creating an education-based seminar schedule (virtual of course) on specific marketing and social media topics.

In other words, I am part of the solution, striving to eradicate many of the marketing industry mistakes.

I am the marketing professional, the social media strategist, who skips the marketing jargon and hype. I don’t tell you to be on all social media platforms. I don’t tout social media as the best thing since sliced bread.

I explain why you need to have a marketing plan before your social media can be successful.

I tell you why your social media isn’t working and how to fix it.

I explain why you should be blogging, and how to blog and position yourself as an authority.

I give you free stuff. Period. If you like my free stuff, you can just imagine how good my paid stuff is.  My strategy sessions are powerful! I have completely resurrected and transformed businesses in an  hour.

I treat each client’s business like it is my own, as in, I will surprise the heck out of you just to keep you motivated and on your toes.

That’s the way I have chosen to be part of the solution, and not a part of the problem. If I could eradicate all the fly-by-night social media experts I would. They make my job harder and tarnish the image of marketing professionals everywhere.

End Rant. Woosahhhhhhhhh

Miss Kemya


Have you been led astray by the social media hype? What has your experience been?



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