Kindle Book: I’m On Social Media, Now What Do I Say?

I’m On Social Media, Now What Do I Say?

A Comprehensive Content and Engagement Strategy Guide for Entrepreneurs

Have you had enough of those social media books that touch the surface of a content strategy, but don’t give enough details for you to actually figure it all out?

Are you using social media specifically for business, and not seeing results from your efforts?

Have you set up your social media accounts, and still stumped by what you’re supposed to say?

No more wasting hours and hours on social media, not seeing results from your efforts.

I’m On Social Media, Now What Do I Say?  explains the type of content businesses should post on social media. Im on Social Media Kindle cover 02

This ebook is not simply an overview of social, but it’s divided across five social media platforms. Each section walks you through the who, what, why and how of it all.

  • Who’s using the platform
  • What you should be posting on each platform, and how often
  • Why you should be using this specific platform to grow your business!

Did you know? You don’t have to have a Kindle to read a Kindle book? You can read Kindle books from your phone, computer, iPad  or Android tablet. 

Who needs a copy of this social media ebook?

This book is written specifically for solopreneurs and small business owners who know they need to use social media as the powerhouse marketing tool.

It is for those of you responsible for managing all the moving parts of the business, from coffee maker, to IT department, to graphic designer, to receptionist, to lunch gopher.

If you need to manage social media like a well-oiled machine, without the guesswork, this ebook was written for you.

Of course, anyone can use the information in this book. However, this ebook is perfect for people who are super time-strapped, yet understand they NEED to use social media effectively to reach their target audience.

With this ebook, allow Miss Kemya to be your tour guide to teach you what to post, when to post, how often to post and how to easily engage with your audience.

Miss Kemya


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Miss Kemya Scott Digital Marketing Strategist and Social Media Manager for Small Business at Marketing Sparkler Kemya L. Scott, Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategist, teaches her clients how to build a digital presence, increase revenue and create a more successful business. Known simply as “Miss Kemya”, she uses a results-focused, “how to” approach in implementing simple, customized strategies so clients enjoy tangible results quickly and easily.