Interview: Social Media With Females With A Mission

Have you heard? I was featured as a guest on Females With A Mission Blog Talk Radio program, where we discussed the do’s and don’ts of social media.

Here’s a snippet of the social media items and tips we discussed:

  1. Figure out your reason for joining a social media platform before you join. Next, take the time to learn a social media platform before you jump in. Each social media platform has its own bells and whistles that make it unique. Understand the features and decide how best to use them, then you can participate in a meaningful way. Hear a couple of tips to figure out where to start.
  2. Google plus profiles and business pages are relevant for SEO. It’s Google, you need to learn how Google+ works!
  3. Cross-posting content 100% doesn’t make for a unique engaging experience unless you take the opportunity to offer something different to entice people to seek you out and follow you in more than one place.
  4. Options to make your Twitter account and tweets more personal if you have employees at different locations.
  5. We discuss the Big 4: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.  Why use each and all of them?

As you know, social media alone will not get you anywhere without a strategy. Social media takes work, it’s not as easy as it looks. If you need help to develop your social media strategy, or have questions about why you should use the platforms, catch the program here:

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