How to Schedule Your Social Media Content Curation [Infographic]

How do you decide which content to share on social media?

Do you simply share your own blog posts, videos and memes? Are you hanging out online, in the hopes of finding something interesting to share with your audience? Do you post too much or too little on social media because you’re stumped as to what you should be posting to get people’s attention?

Maybe a better question is simply “Do you use schedule social media content curation to actively engage your audience, build connections with influencers in your industry, and position yourself as an authority?

Say what now?!

What in the world is a social media content curation plan, and where do they sell ‘em?

It’s not as complex as it sounds. Let’s back up a moment.

How to Schedule Social Media Content Curation

Think about your Twitter (or Facebook) timeline for a moment. Think about the people and companies you follow.

Now consider all the content flowing through your timeline. How much of it is crap that you really aren’t interested in, stuff that you skip right over? *rhetorical question*

Well, no one wants crap in their timeline, as I certainly don’t. When we choose to follow people on social media it’s usually because they share interesting information and insights. When you curate content for social media, be one of these interesting and insightful people, and you’ll position yourself as an authority.

In other words, what you share on social media should not be all about you and how fabulous you are. Unless you’re a reality star celebrity, but I digress…

This handy infographic from CoSchedule gives you a cheat sheet on how to schedule social media content for your audience. It will help you build a diverse content mix and become of those interesting, insightful figures that people love to follow!


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