How To Ramp Up Your Marketing Effort For The Festive Period

While a lot of us are still mourning the summer months, the festive season is well underway and there is no getting away from it. Everywhere you turn it feels you bump into another form of festivity – and there’s still a few weeks to go. Yet whether you love Christmas or hate it, there’s no denying that it’s a great time for businesses to ramp up their marketing efforts for the most effect. It is, after all, a time when people are looking to spend money and purchase gifts so it can end up being your most profitable time of year. Here are some top ways that you can ramp up your marketing efforts for the festive period and why it is so important.

How To Ramp Up Your Marketing Effort For The Festive Period

How To Ramp Up Your Marketing Effort For The Festive Period

Opt for something festive AND memorable.

Christmas is a time when people will be decorating their homes, putting up their Christmas trees and making each room look as festive as they can. Keep this in mind when you are designing your Christmas marketing materials, as they could become a multipurposed item.

For example, why not look to create something like a bauble or festive decoration that can double up as a marketing tool? This could be printed using a system such as Rapid PSI, which turns digital designs into 3D objects. This 3D printing could enable you to make a bauble or window decoration – the choice is yours. It will be something memorable and interesting that will pique interest and is relevant for the time of year.

Focus on your email marketing.

Email marketing can often get overlooked as creating email campaigns can take a fair amount of time. While this is true, they can also give you a great level of reward, reminding people of why they shop with you or enticing them back in with a dedicated festive offer or reminder.

You can let your customers know of any offers that you might be running and ask them for their feedback. Show them the products or services that you are focusing on as the year comes to a close. It might be worth putting in a few feelers for what the new year has to offer too, incentivizing them to come back again soon.

Don’t neglect your social media channels.

Finally, as with email marketing, social media can also sometimes get put on the back burner. Social media is vital all year but particularly so when the festive period rolls around. More people than ever are scrolling their feeds looking for ideas for festive crafts, goodies, tricks and tips, so why not give them what they want?

Think of ways that you can solve any problems they might be having. Start conversations, and encourage people to get interactive with you. You can go beyond simple posts and get your followers into the spirit of the season. For example, you could host an Advent calendar competition. Or, you could reveal a fun fact each Monday throughout December, and encourage fans to do the same. The choice is yours.

Bottom Line

These are just a few tips that can help you to ramp up your marketing effort for the festive period. Remember that this is the busiest time of year for a reason. You don’t want your company to miss out!

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