F is for Face Your Fear And Do It Anyway

Fear is empowering, fear is good, fear is a state of mind. Embrace your fears!

I often think we set up ourselves up to fail by simply being fearful. It doesn’t matter what your fear is, it could be

    • fear of cold calling a prospect,
    • fear of speaking in front of an audience,
    • fear of raising your prices, or a
    • fear of offering a new product or service.

Have you experienced any of these fears?

We have a  fear of something new, and we either chicken out and never try it, or we’re so nervous about it that we fumble along, fail, and then chide ourselves for thinking we could possibly be successful. Why do we drive ourselves crazy like this?!

Why not embrace your fears? Fear is empowering! Fear forces change!

Face your fear and do it anyway

It’s completely natural to be unsettled about a new experience. Everyone gets nervous.

The most seasoned professionals will tell you they get jitters when they have to do something they haven’t done before, or they have to speak in front of an audience, or they’re rolling out some new product/service and they’re not sure how their audience will react. But you know what? They suck it up and do it anyway!

Fear is a natural feeling, and it’s ok. If you fear doing something, it probably means you’re on the right track. It probably means you’re stepping out of your comfort zone, and this is an essential element of your personal and professional development.

So the next time you fear doing something, remember, you’re probably onto something great! Embrace the challenge and call it experience!

Miss Kemya


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Miss Kemya Scott Digital Marketing Strategist and Social Media Manager for Small Business at Marketing Sparkler Kemya L. Scott, Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategist, teaches her clients how to build a digital presence, increase revenue and create a more successful business. Known simply as “Miss Kemya”, she uses a results-focused, “how to” approach in implementing simple, customized strategies so clients enjoy tangible results quickly and easily.