Every Meeting You’ve Ever Been To In 2 Minutes [Video]

Do you take meetings? In person or virtual, how many meetings do you take a day, a week, a month?

Maybe a better question is, how much time do you waste in meetings?


Here’s the thing, I love a good meeting. Whether working in person writing on whiteboards and eating a boxed lunch, or virtually with a national team working toward a common goal, nothing gets me fired up like a really productive meeting.

However… too many meetings are a waste of time that you can’t get back. You know the ones:

  • they start late because people were too pre-occupied with watching cat videos to show up on time
  • there are technical difficulties that make half of the meeting a “what did she say?” shit show
  • the agenda and decisions have already been made, and the meeting is a formality
  • people ask for ideas and suggestions but really don’t want to hear either
  • (my favorite) everybody throws around ideas, but no one wants to take ownership of any tasks, so you leave the meeting wondering what you’re supposed to actually do.
  • and of course a host of other issues that make so many meetings a real drag.

Every Meeting You’ve Ever Been To In 2 Minutes

When I saw this video from Fast Company on Facebook, it cracked me up because it reminded me of the random verbal and non-verbal communication that goes on during so many meetings.

It doesn’t matter whether the meeting is in person or not, people throw alot of fluff around and waste each other’s time. Which is why the majority of my meetings are revenue generating meetings. If it ain’t about the money, please know I will most likely skip your meeting.

But enough about me. If you’ve ever been to a meeting and wondered “why am I here” you’ll get a kick out of this!

Every Meeting via Fast Company

Miss Kemya

After watching this video, are you excited to get to your next meeting?


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