Daily Tasks Don’t Have to Be Boring

Has your mode of operation become predictable and lackluster? When is the last time you tried a different way of doing things? I don’t mean drastic changes, I mean little tweaks in the way you do seemingly ordinary tasks.

Take the blah out of your day. Daily tasks don’t have to be mundane. Finding new ways of doing seemingly simple tasks can ignite your imagination. For instance,

Do you use the same social media sites every day?

Experiment with a new one! I think we can all agree there is no shortage of social media platforms. While you’re at it, make a few new friends to correspond with on the new site to make it interesting.

Do you correspond primarily via email?

Try sending a few handwritten notes. It sounds cliché but it’s true: people like receiving handwritten notes. Make sure you keep a roll of stamps on hand or you’ll never actually mail those notes.

When’s the last time you saw your client (or prospect)?

Instead of emails or phone calls, offer to meet a client for lunch to chat, or drinks to socialize. It’s always nice to see a client face to face and break bread together. It builds the relationship. If you’re not local, try Skype, Google hangouts, or some other form of video chat instead of phone calls for a meeting.

Do you read the same blogs or magazines regularly?

Reading content from the same sources can get predictable, so why not try a few new media outlets for a fresh perspective? And pick something off-topic altogether, you might just find a new source of inspiration.

Have you been using the same old newsletter format, or the same e-blast template too long?

Experiment with a few new templates and see which ones your readers like. Ask them to comment and pick their favorite. You can even turn it into a contest if you like, after all, who doesn’t like prizes?

Again, you don’t have to make drastic changes (unless you want to), a slight shift in the way you do simple tasks can light that spark! Do it for yourself, your business, and your audience. Switching up the format does wonders for your creative spirit!

Miss Kemya 


PS – I’m partly talking to myself, but if I helped you in the process, hooray for the both of us!


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