A Quick 5 Point Checkup For Your Website

When is the last time you reviewed your website? Not just for aesthetic purposes, but I’m talking about the actual content?

Of course you spell check every single time you post something on your website, but what if you didn’t catch a particular spelling or grammatical error? Are you certain all your links are working correctly?

Oftentimes a link is broken on a website and the owner doesn’t know. Can your visitors readily find the information they want? Have you told your visitors what you want them to do?

If it’s been a while since you performed a page-by-page review of your website, why not schedule a 30 minute maintenance check? Even if you hire a professional to support your website, it’s still your business. It is your responsibility to make sure your website is fully functioning.

Here’s a handy 5 point checklist you can use as a quick website checkup.

1. Review your calls to action.

In other words, please tell me what you do and what you want me to do. I can’t say it any clearer. Place no more than 3 on any one page and make sure they’re easy to understand. And please put this information on your home page above the fold – meaning I don’t have to scroll down to get the information. Save your visitors time and trouble and you will be duly rewarded with more click-throughs.

2. Check and recheck all links and buttons to make sure they all load quickly and properly.

If you have any affiliate ads and third-party links on your site, be sure to check those as well. Send emails to yourself via all your subscription and opt-in buttons to make sure they work.

3. Review your website for mobile viewing.

Have you optimized your website for mobile viewing? Width and proportion can be different with mobile viewing versus pc screens. Test your website to be sure it looks correct on a smartphone. And keep in mind, Flash doesn’t always translate well with mobile viewing.

4. Is the contact information up to date?

Contact information matters. We still use phones for talking (sometimes). Make sure your email address and phone numbers are listed on your website. There are plenty of people who don’t want to be forced to click through several pages and social media profiles to track down your email address. You could be missing out on opportunities and you don’t even know it.

5. Review your site map.

Do you use a site map? Is it working? When you click it, does your site content show up organized and categorized for ease of use? If not, re-categorize your content and you site map will be more user-friendly. If you can’t re-categorize, your site just might need a more user-friendly structure. Keep an open mind!

Revisit, review and revise your website regularly, and don’t be afraid to have someone else spot check it for you. A fresh set of eyes will usually find something that would otherwise go unnoticed. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and you want your visitors to have the ideal experience when they take the time to visit your site.

Miss Kemya 


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