Don’t Miss Out on These 5 Social Media Marketing Tools to Boost Your Sales

Done right, social media marketing can boost your audience engagement, reach, conversions, and ultimately, your sales.

The best part is, there are T-O-N-S of social media marketing tools that can help you implement your strategies and achieve your campaign goals.

Although there might not be a perfect set of tools — and the role of social media in your digital marketing strategy is only one aspect of your entire digital marketing campaign — finding the best fitting ones for your business can help increase your profits.

In this guide, we’ll tackle five tools that can help you run your social media marketing campaigns effectively and boost your sales.

Dont Miss Out On These Social Media Tools To Boost Sales

1. Buzzsumo

Research plays a vital role in social media marketing.

After all, if you want to make the most out of your campaigns, you’ll need to know the kind of content that will engage your followers successfully and convert them into customers.

Buzzsumo helps you achieve this by giving you insights on the social media engagements of the keywords, content, and websites that your target audiences are interested in.

Here’s what the results will look like after you type in your topic.

Social Media Tools - Buzzsumo

You can find the most shared content on the web and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, including the top-performing videos on YouTube.

The tool also offers other features that let you find influencers related to specific topics, monitor and analyze your competitors’ best performing content, and more.

With this, you can discover what your audiences are interested in and create relevant and engaging content based on those topics.

This can help increase the success rate of your campaigns and sell your products more effectively.

Additionally, you can assess the performance of your on-page content through an SEO audit, especially if you’re using the same content for your social media marketing efforts.

2. Facebook Audience Insights

It’s not just your content you need to tailor for your potential customers, but you also have to target the right audience to help get better results for your social media marketing campaigns.

Facebook Audience Insights is a tool that you can use to better understand your audiences for more precise social media content and ad targeting within the platform.

With the tool, you can narrow down your target audience based on age, location, and gender, including relationship status, education level, and many unique behaviors and interests.

Social Media Tools - Facebook Audience Insights

You can also learn the general interests of your demographic to help give more focus to your social media marketing content and ads.

Remember, the more specific audiences you can reach, the better you can tailor your campaigns according to their interests and needs — which can improve your sales opportunities.

This also helps ensure you don’t waste your marketing efforts and resources on the wrong audience — that is, people who have no need or interest in your products.

3. Animoto

Creating videos for your social media campaigns is one of the best ways to engage your audiences because you can do a lot of things with this type of content.

You can make product demos, tutorials, and interactive and entertaining content for your audiences — allowing you to connect with them better.

With online video editor Animoto, you can easily create professional-looking social media content.

You can choose from the tool’s various template types, including behind the scenes, explainer, event, service and product promotion, and more.

After choosing a template, you can upload and drag-and-drop your images and videos, set your storyboard sequence, plus customize and add other elements like texts, colors, and more.

Social Media Tools - Animoto

With Animoto, you can create and publish high-quality videos on your social media platforms that can help you attract your audience, tell your brand story, or share your products.

Also, by engaging your audiences through your videos, you can connect with them and offer value and compelling content that can improve your sales.

You can even use the tool for your online side hustles, like creating videos for your affiliate marketing projects.

4. Canva

Aside from videos, creating stunning visualizations is another excellent way to attract, engage, and, ultimately, convert your social media followers into customers.

Graphic design platform Canva can help you create social media graphics and images, posters, presentations, and other visual content.

With Canva’s drag-and-drop interface, you can select a template and customize it according to your preferences — or you can build your own design.

Social Media Tools and Graphic Design Tools - Canva

After creating your content, you can share and download your image for your social media marketing campaigns.

With this, you can quickly create a wide range of beautiful visual content — from infographics to your social media ads.

Additional tip: consider whitespace in web design when creating your visual content since this can help direct your audience to aspects, like your products, that you want to highlight.

5. Buffer

With the many social media platforms you work in, it can be challenging to stay on top of all your campaigns, let alone maintain a regular posting schedule.

However, with social media management application Buffer, you can work with features that help you collaborate, plan, and publish social media content for meaningful engagement.

The app supports major social media platforms so you can manage your campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more seamlessly.

For instance, you can easily upload your custom videos, photos, or content you pull from articles you share and set a schedule to publish them on your social platforms automatically.Social Media Tools - Buffer


The tool also offers other useful features like a chrome extension that lets you add content and articles from the internet to your Buffer queue or share on the fly.

Plus, you’ll have access to analytics to track the performance of your content and improve your social media marketing strategies.

With the app, you can streamline your tasks and help you get the best returns for your efforts.

Managing all of these apps, however, can be challenging on top of running other aspects in your ecommerce business operations.

This is why investing in managed IT services is essential to lessen your workload while still ensuring all your tools and software work seamlessly to give you excellent social media marketing results.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right social media marketing tools to help you achieve your campaign goals and increase your sales can be overwhelming.

Although the tools in this guide might not be the perfect solution, you can use them as a starting point to build your arsenal to run successful campaigns.

What other social media marketing tools do you think will help skyrocket your sales? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

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