5 Issues That Will Immediately Turn Off Every Customer

When you are running your business, you need to make sure that you do get into the mindset of your customers. You need to understand their likes and – perhaps more importantly – their dislikes. If you do this, then you can make sure that you know exactly how to appeal to them and ensure that you are bringing specifically what they want to the table. So, what are the turn offs of typical customers? Well, there are a few possibilities that could be worth considering here.

5 Issues That Will Immediately Turn Off Every Customer

5 Issues That Will Immediately Turn Off Every Customer

Technical Site Issues

First, you should consider whether there are any technical issues with your business website and the overall design. For instance, you might find that pages are loading more slowly. This will almost certainly lead to a higher overall bounce rate. As such, you need to think about how you can speed things up. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that you control the level of data on your site. You can compress data using software that is available to you online.

Security Trouble

Customers have become paranoid about cyber security in recent years. One could argue that this is warranted. After all, hacks are becoming far more common and it’s not just impacting larger businesses. Small businesses are exposed too. You should think about increasing the security on your website.

For example, you should ensure you use strong, unique passwords to minimize the effects of a breach. Some browsers and third-party applications automatically generate them for you and recommend when to change them. If you employ remote-only staff, your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) need to include a formal Bring Your Own Device Policy that includes data protection.

In addition, you might want to also explore an online payment processor that can provide the right level of security for both you as well as your customers.

Complex Pathways To Purchase

If you keep things simple, it’s always going to be easier to convince customers to buy from your business. Make things too complicated and they can get lost along the way.

An example would be the three click rule. Essentially, you need to ensure that your customers are only ever three clicks away from what they are searching for on your website. This is possible using shortcuts and different pathways. Live chat is another way to cut corners here because the right live chat can send customers exactly where they need to be.

You also need to make sure that you are giving your customers plenty of different options in terms of how they buy and how they interact with your brand. If you give them more choices you are less likely to lose the interest of a customer because the choice they wanted isn’t there. Essentially, you need to realize that customers hate being placed in boxes based on how you think they’ll buy or interact with your brand.

Poor Customer Service

Next, you should consider customer service. If you check out reviews for customers online, you’ll likely find that the comments and complaints do relate to poor levels of customer service. Customers want to make sure that they can get the answers that they need from employees in your company, and that there are people who are always willing to go the extra mile for them. Part of this is about ensuring that you hire the right people. But you should also make sure that you’re setting up the best options. For instance, polls reveal that customers love live chat features, as opposed to other possibilities, such as voice calling solutions.

Basic, Boring Website

Finally, you need to make sure that you are creating a fantastic website with a killer design that does appeal to your target audience. This might sound obvious, but take a look at any number of websites and you’ll see this is not the case. This is why using a template is not the best choice for your business. Instead, you should contact a professional web designer. They will be able to make sure that you have a design that matches the messages and goals behind your business. You can also think about adding plenty of content to ensure that your website is more appealing and interesting. Video content is particularly great because it is more visceral.

Hopefully, this helps you understand some of the common turn offs for typical customers that are thinking about buying from your business. If you correct these issues, then you can beat the competition and increase your conversions at the same time. The trick here is removing all the roadblocks that stop a customer committing to a purchase decision.

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