3 Reasons Why Working Smarter Isn’t Optional

You’ve probably heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder” at least a handful of times over the course of your professional life.

It’s easy to find all sorts of quotes from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders out there. They’re usually explaining the importance of being smart while managing your professional life. However, a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs still don’t take this advice properly to heart.

These days, “working smarter” can begin with something as simple as a VDR software download. This gives you less excuse than ever before for not using online systems to save time, money and resources, for even the most complex, yet sensitive data projects.

A Virtual Data Room (VDR) is a series of proprietary extranets that provide an online repository of data. Businesses typically use a secure virtual data room to share critical information with external customers and partners in a secure, online environment.

Working “smarter” is more than grouping  a few tasks together or automating social media. Here are three very real reasons why working smarter isn’t optional, and how you can work smarter in your business.

3 Reasons Why Working Smarter Isn’t Optional

3 Reasons Why Working Smarter Is Not An Option, But A Necessity

Because AI is becoming more advanced, and you need to be at the top of your game.

The professor and writer Cal Newport has become very popular in professional and entrepreneurial circles. This is largely because of his hit book “Deep Work”. In it, he argues that the most important skill to cultivate for professional success is the ability to focus intently on one thing at a time.

A major part of Newport’s argument centers around the fact that AI technology is becoming increasingly more sophisticated with each passing year. This means that jobs which are done at a more “shallow level” are also the most likely jobs to become redundant in a hurry.

The ability to do what Newport calls “deep work” is, therefore, your best bet at making yourself indispensable. And a major part of being able to do “deep work” is going to be managing your workflow “smartly,” so that you are always at the cutting-edge.

Because your competition is increasingly likely to be global – and many of them will be using the latest tools.

The Internet has transformed the professional landscape in all sorts of ways. This ever evolving transformation can be viewed as both potentially positive and negative. No matter where you stand, you have to admit, the changes are quite dramatic.

On the positive side, this means that many jobs can now be done remotely, while also allowing for a greater degree of affordable shoestring entrepreneurship.

On the negative side, your competition is now increasingly likely to be global. This means you really can’t afford to be sloppy in any regard.

“Working smart” is simply necessary for differentiating yourself from your competitors and ensuring that you are able to charge ahead and put your best foot forward. If you aren’t using the best tools for the job, you should at least be aware that your rivals likely will be.

Because you will inevitably burn yourself out if you rely too much on grit.

“Grit” is obviously important in any professional context, to a pretty significant degree. No matter how well you’ve organized your professional life, there will be times when you simply have to push through with hard work and sheer determination.

If you try to rely too much on grit, however, and if you require enormous amounts of willpower to push through each day, you will inevitably burn out, fall behind, and end up feeling awful, as well.

Especially as many industries become more streamlined and nuanced, you can’t afford to just rely solely on hard work. Working smart will help to keep you sane, balanced, and on top of things.

So I guess the old adage is indeed true, we should be working smarter, not harder. Use technological advances to your benefit!

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