3 Major Qualities of Great Brands

When you are first starting out with your brand development, it can be challenging to know whether or not you are doing everything you should be doing to make it as complete and rounded as possible. The truth is that there are a range of important qualities which you need to look out for if you are going to develop the strongest possible brand.

Here are some of the major qualities of great brands that you should be aiming for as best as you can, to ensure the brightest possible future for your business.

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3 Major Qualities of Great Brands

3 Major Qualities of Great Brands


First of all, you need to try and avoid having a brand image which is too generic, or which could be used for a wide number of types of business and products. If you do that, you are going to find that your brand doesn’t work too well. Think about specifics, and try to make your brand as specific as you possibly can.

It might also be worth doing some research into other brands operating in similar areas to you. For example, if you are operating in the world of cbd, look at marketing for cbd brands to see some specifics on how to do it better. The more specific you go with your own brand, the better.


A strong brand must also always be highly relevant. What do we mean by this? Simply that it has to meet people’s expectations for the kind of brand it is, and perform the way that people want it to, for the most part. With good relevancy comes a much higher degree of loyalty, so that is something that you might want to consider if you want to build a strong customer base.

If you are looking to build relevancy in your brand, think about what your brand seems to be suggesting about itself and what it will deliver. Then, make sure that you are actually delivering on those things.


Perhaps one of the most underrated qualities of good brands is that they tend to have strong agility. You can think of this as a kind of essential flexibility. Ultimately, it means that your brand has the wherewithal to change with the times in an organic and sensible manner. Without good agility, your brand might not survive the times, especially if there are any profound changes in the culture around business or the world in general, as there has been with Covid19.

A brand that can respond well to a fast-changing world is one that is much more likely to survive – and survive in a strong way, too. To improve agility, you can think about what your brand might look like in different situations. If you can’t work that out, it might mean that it is simply not agile enough.

These are some of the most important characteristics that great brands tend to have, so it’s a good idea to get as close to them as you possibly can.

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