VIP Day: Social Media Management for Non-Marketers

Discover the secrets of social media automation and shortcuts the pros don’t want you to know.

If you:

  • Share content across social media channels but get little engagement
  • Schedule your posts using social media engagement tools, and you can’t figure out why nobody’s talking to you
  • Think you don’t have time to be on social media every day
  • Understand the technical side of using social media, but you need to learn how to become more efficient
  • Have content to share, but don’t know how to share it
  • Are gaining traction with your social media activities, but you need to leverage that traction to secure new clients

This VIP DAY is for you!

VIP Social Media NonMarketers

During the virtual half-day
Social Media Management for Non-Marketers VIP Intensive
you’ll learn how to harness the power of social media like a marketer!


You will learn how to use social media as an integral component of your marketing plan. Learn how to create a content strategy for your social media activity, repurpose existing marketing content, and tie it into your offline marketing efforts for optimal effect.

You will also learn how to manage social media like a marketer. Learn how to automate much of your social media activity using time-saving tools and tactics. Learn to use easy, simple methods to analyze your engagement, along with the social monitoring tools used by today’s savvy social marketers.

You do not have to be on social media all day every day.  Learn how to efficiently use social media like a marketer and build your company’s digital brand!

For your investment, you will learn how to
rock your social media marketing like a pro!

How would you like to:

  • Curate content for an endless supply of material to share on social media
  • Look like you’re engaged online all day (only you’ll know the truth)
  • Use advanced search feature so you can do research on your target prospects
  • Quickly create the fun visuals people love to repost
  • Know when people are talking about your company online so you can monitor the conversations
  • Use automated shortcuts like a social media marketer
  • Learn the key tweaks to your profiles that make the biggest impact and make people want to follow and engage with you.


After working with Miss Kemya for the Social Media Management for Non-Marketers VIP Intensive,
your brand will look so professional and engaging that people will line up to work with you!

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