UNmarketing Study Hall

Are you ready to be seen and heard by your desired clients and customers?

Good! Because we’re about to spend an entire work day together creating an action strategy for you to be seen and heard in the world.

I could’ve said create a marketing plan, but here’s why I didn’t:

Long and complex “marketing plans” don’t work for most of us. Quite frankly, they’re boring! More importantly, you don’t know what to actually do with this plan anyway. Plans don’t give clear action steps, they’re for top-level thinking. I’m not trying to add more paperwork and planning to your life, so let’s skip the long, complex plan! We’re focused on ACTION baby!

Now do you see why it’s call UNmarketing? Shake the stigma off the words ‘plan’ and ‘marketing’ – let’s just get it done! The right ‘it’ for your brand, vision, and goals.

UNmarketing Study Hall is for you if you:

>>> are excited about creating an action blueprint with specific steps to do to get more clients
>>> are tired of all the free webinars and classes that tell you what to do but don’t explain EXACTLY HOW to do anything
>>> don’t mind rolling your sleeves up, putting your thinking cap on, and defining where you want to business to go
>>> are cool with completing worksheets, guided activities, and challenging mindset shifts


unmarketing study hall

UNmarketing Study Hall

Your personal UNmarketing Study Hall is a one-day workshop in which we’ll be making epic plans your social platforms and community-building strategies. We’ll go from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and because I think you need to eat while you’re hanging with me, I’m buying breakfast and lunch. For real!

In the morning we will talk about where you are now and where you want to go. Then we’ll identify the specific goals that would make your heart sing once you accomplished them. From here, we’ll organize these goals into buckets to see what we can streamline into workable projects.

We’ll use our working lunch to discuss how accomplishing each of these goals will add more awesome sauce to your life and your business. Why this particular set of goals is the set we need to focus on for 2015.

In the afternoon we will define the specific steps to take to achieve each of these goals. We will go from vision, to goals, to milestones, to monthly, weekly, and daily (if need be) activities you can take to achieve these goals. We’re breaking each of these goals into bite-sized pieces, so you can baby-step it to success!

A goal is just a goal until you put strategic action behind it.

I will share tips, resources, real life experiences, and best practices with you as we go. You’ll be able to ask me anything about marketing (that’s a BIG bucket o’ stuff, huh?), how to stay on track when the overwhelm monsters creep in the side door, and how to pivot when you need to and still accomplish your goals.

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