Social Media Strategy Study Hall

Are you trying to create a powerful social media presence for your brand?

Good, my friend. Because we’re about to spend an entire work day together creating a social media strategy plan, learning the most effective way to use each platform, and so much more.

Social Strategy Study Hall is for you if you:

>>> are excited about creating a social media style guide and cohesive online presence
>>> don’t mind lots of worksheets, guided activities, and challenging work

social media strategy study hall

What is Social Media Strategy Study Hall?

Your personal Social Media + Community Building Strategy Study Hall is a one-day workshop in which we’ll be making super plans for your social platforms and community-building strategies. We’ll go from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and because I think you need to eat good while you’re hanging with me, I’m buying breakfast and lunch. For real!

In the morning we will review the audit of your current social platform use (I’ll get all your social media details before we meet so I can so an audit) and create a mini social strategy plan after reviewing your platform goals and ideal audience. We’ll use our working lunch to discuss how to best use each platform for your specific brand and review/create on-brand content and visuals for your future use.

In other words, we’re writing evergreen content for you to use on social media. And we’re making graphics to complement this content. Yes, you will have a full content repository by the time we’re through.


In the afternoon we will continue to create brand visuals and will craft a social media editorial calendar for the next 3-6 months. We’ll also do a processes audit for your social strategy and make sure you’re using all the tools and tricks recommended to make everything simpler.

I will share tips, resources, real life experiences, and best practices with you as we go. You’ll be able to ask me anything about social media and/or how I’ve successfully used social media to grow my website traffic and spread my blog content, generate leads, and build my brand.

Cool? Ok, let’s go!


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