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I hope you enjoyed the presentation. Here's that Content Marketing Toolkit I mentioned...


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These documents are NOT pdfs. They are designed to be completed offline and/or printed – whichever you prefer!

So what's in this Toolkit?

Content Research & Brainstorming Templates, including:

  • 30 Types of content you can publish
  • Ways to come up with new content ideas
  • Templates for case studies, ebooks, product reviews, etc.

Content Management Templates, which include:

  • Content management planner and editorial calendar
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly content planners

Content Branding & Monetization Templates, which include multiple design option templates for:

  • Checklists and worksheets
  • Reports and ebooks
  • Slide presentations and more!

Your Social Media Blueprint is included in the Toolkit, so you only have to grab one bundle on this page 🙂

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