Press Release

Do Press Releases Still Work?

Absolutely! A press release can create a buzz, increase online visibility, and drive website traffic!

Today, the media covers multiple channels, both online AND offline. From television to Twitter, the media can talk about you and share your story. Press releases are used in digital marketing every day!

Using press is a specific approach to getting media coverage and creating a buzz about your business, within your target market. Press releases are often overlooked by small and medium sized businesses, who feel the marketing tactic is only beneficial to big business. Not true!

The truth is that one of the ways that big businesses become successful is because when they were smaller, they leveraged all the marketing tactics available to them, including press releases.

There are tons of reasons why your business should issue a press release to get media coverage, including

  • a new JV partnership
  • product launch
  • fundraiser donation
  • sponsoring an event
  • making a prediction
  • demonstrating expertise tied into current events
  • announcing an exhibit at a trade show or convention, etc.

As you can see, press releases are used for more than simply opening a new business. Why not step up your publicity efforts and use a big brand strategy to get massive visibility for your business?

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