Monthly Social Media Maintenance Package

Get Your Social Media On!

A monthly social media maintenance package for businesses who need a consistent presence on Facebook and Twitter.

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Have you ever visited a company’s social media profile and thought to yourself,

  • They haven’t posted in a long time
  • I wonder if they’re still in business
  • These posts don’t fit their brand (Ok, maybe it’s just the marketer in me who thinks this??)

It doesn’t leave a good impression does it? After all, we expect a company’s social media to be on point when we visit any of their profiles.

If a prospect visited any of your social media profiles, would they get the same impression?

If you’re on the struggle bus with social media, trying to squeeze in a post here and there, not getting results and looking for some help – like most business folks – jump on this offer!

The truth is, managing your own social media is something YOU can absolutely do on your own, without expensive services or big advertising budgets. But…

You don’t have time to keep your profiles consistent. You don’t have time to make graphics. You have little interest in curating fresh content to post.

This package is for you if you:

  • Need consistent visibility for your business. in case someone comes across your profiles.
  • Do not have time to create content for social media, but you know it’s important.
  • Do not need any analytics or reports done for your accounts.
  • Simply want your brand to look good on social media!
  • Want to see what it would be like to hire someone to manage your social media.

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