Marketing Manager On Demand Services

So you can’t afford to hire a full marketing staff? No worries,
hire Marketing Sparkler as your Marketing Manager On Demand.

Picture this:

Imagine having your very own marketing machine in the background making your company shine.

Someone to figure out what content to publish, when, where and why.

Someone to handle content creation and graphic design for your social media channels.

Someone to create your editorial calendar so that your email marketing doesn’t go dead.

Sounds like a li’l slice of heaven doesn’t it? Of course it does!

Think of all the extra time you would free up to run the other parts of your business.

Think of how wonderful it would feel to have your own content marketing strategist at your fingertips.

Imagine how much your business would grow if you had someone creating and implementing a real marketing strategy for you.

Uh-huh.  I see you smiling. So what are you waiting for?

Complete Marketing Customization, Based Upon Your Needs

How It Works

As your Marketing Manager On Demand, Marketing Sparkler can provide complete marketing solutions for your business. VMM services are available on a retainer basis or a specific project basis, and services are completely customized, based on your needs.

First, we’ll define your marketing goals. Next, I’ll put together a menu of services I can provide to meet those goals. You hire me as your VMM, and I get to work!

The way we correspond is totally dependent on the your preferences: some clients like to schedule phone meetings and some work exclusively via email, other like video chat, and most use a combination of them all.

Marketing Management Services At A Glance

Here’s a glimpse of what I can do for you and your business

→ create and execute your marketing plan

→ create a consistent marketing message throughout your company communications

→ manage your social media accounts for you because you don’t have time to do it yourself

→ market your events and get people to attend, either virtual or in person

→ create a content strategy to sync your offline and online marketing, including blogging and social media

→ write and submit press releases to announce your new products, services, and campaigns

→ become your company’s marketing point of contact in lieu of having a full-time staff

→ let you get back to running your business

→ make you look GOOOOD…


Contact me today to get started!