Coaching and Consulting: A Hybrid Approach

If you are a small business owner or solo entrepreneur who is passionate about what you do and committed to elevating your business, I want to work with you.

Our coaching service is dedicated to helping clients find creative and practical ways for growing their businesses. In every coaching session, you’ll get to strategize about what’s most pressing in your business right now and get new insights. You’ll also come away with prioritized, concrete action steps, new tools and capabilities, and an action plan to guide your efforts.

New ideas can leave you energized and excited, but it’s the clarity about the action steps—and having them written down—that gets things done.

These business coaching services are specifically designed for entrepreneurs who know they need a hybrid approach to coaching:

    • a great listener who can provide support, accountability, and will push you beyond your comfort zone,
    • and a marketing consultant who can provide specific tactics and a toolkit full of resources to define solutions to your business challenges so you can eliminate the guess work and actually get stuff done.

If this is what you’ve been looking for, you’re in the right place!  Contact us today for a free consultation to see if we’re a great fit for each other!

Coach vs Consultant sweet spot

Who Can Most Benefit from Coaching with Miss Kemya?

    • Solo entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to increase sales, eliminate stress and create more time to enjoy life
    • New business owners looking to create systems and organization within their company


Why Do You Need a Business Coach?

Business coaching is designed to help small businesses expand, develop new systems and maximize profits. Coaching can be an effective method for all businesses if the entrepreneur is open-minded, dedicated to growing their business and willing to work. We’re here to help your business vision become a reality. If you’re ready to change your circumstances for the better, contact us today for a free consultation.

No matter where we start, this long-term commitment is powerful and will give you a blueprint you can immediately start implementing for turbo-charged growth and success with your business.


Still thinking about it? If you’re still reading, you’re ready… Fill in the contact form and let’s have a conversation!


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