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There is no perfect time to hire a marketing strategist… take initiative and take action now!

Would you like to speak to an experienced marketing consultant about your challenges, new ideas, social media, or simply to get some direction on your marketing efforts?

I created Borrow My Brain sessions just for you!

Who is it for?

    • Best for people who have a specific topic they want to focus on
    • People who want to experience how I work to see if a full-time consulting option is a win-win arrangement
    • Clients who want a bounce around ideas and get professional feedback

Topics may include: online marketing, offline marketing, blogging, social media strategy, getting clear on next steps, creating products and services, or anything other topics that require professional expertise.

What is included?

    • 1 hour one-on-one consulting
    • Review of relevant materials prior to the consulting session
    • Diving into the topic with key takeaways
    • Actions items to implement

Borrow My Brain sessions are conducted via phone, and all calls are recorded so you can spend time talking and less time frantically scribbling notes.

Once ordered, we will schedule your session. After you make your purchase, you will be redirected to my scheduler which is linked to my calendar. You will be able to schedule your Borrow My Brain session here. 

Note: I’m on Eastern Standard Time.

Borrow My Brain: $150

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