27 Proven Marketing Strategies for a Small Marketing Budget

Search the term marketing strategies on Google and you’re likely to get over 69 million results. (That is not a typo.) Have you searched the term?

If you’re on the hunt for marketing strategies for your business, you can easily be overwhelmed with the abundance of suggestions, all of which can run the gamut anywhere from free to the price of a small country.

How many times have you thought to yourself, I wish I could afford  to <insert fancy marketing tactic here>?

How many times have you seen a company do some quirky marketing and thought to yourself, one day I hope I can afford to do that?

Are you using social media for marketing, but you’re just throwing out random posts, crossing your fingers hoping someone sees you and makes you famous?

It’s ok, as most, if not all, entrepreneurs have visions of going viral, gaining celebrity status overnight.

We’re gonna come back down to reality, if only for the next 3 minutes or so…

proven marketing strategies for a small budget

27 Proven Marketing Strategies for a Small Marketing Budget

The infographic below gives you 27 specific, proven marketing strategies for a small budget. You don’t have to wait until you land that million-dollar-client (or hit the lottery) in order to successfully marketing the heck out of your business!

This is one handy infographic. Seriously. Save this infographic! The main reason why I like it: you can do this. I can do this. We can all use these strategies. As a matter of fact, I’m using a few of these every day.

The list of strategies include things like:

I would encourage you to try a few of these proven idea to see which of these work best for you.



via Crawford and O’Brien

See, I told you it was good!

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, pick two marketing strategies to try this week. Try another two next week, and so on and so forth.

For example, this week you can implement marketing strategy number one and comment on 10 blogs.

Then, next week you can try strategy number 12 and answer questions on a forum site like Quora and execute strategy number 16 with an email campaign to your customers asking for 3 referrals.

The following week you can implement strategy number five and update your Google local listing and run a Google ad.

If you break out the strategies over the course of several weeks, and stick with them, you will be a lead generating marketing machine!

Miss Kemya

Which marketing strategy will you implement first?



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