How to Use the Create Launch Profit eSubscription Box

If you are running a business and you do NOT have dedicated marketing support, the Create Launch Profit eSubscription Box is created for you!

What is Create Launch Profit?

Fill in the blank, done for you marketing templates to copy, paste and convert fans into customers.

Create Launch Profit is a monthly set of themed marketing templates. For small business owners doing it all, bombarded with too much to do and not enough time to do it.  For only $39 per month, get your systems up and running, to automate as much of your marketing as you can, free up some time, and make you (or your assistant) more efficient.

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How to Leverage Create Launch Profit to Make Your Business Succeed

There are limitless ways you can incorporate the tools and templates included in each monthly package. Let’s just look at a few of the ways you can use your subscription to help you CREATE and LAUNCH the products and services you want, to get your most PROFITABLE results. 

Strategy #1: Use the templates and implement them yourself if you’re a single person powerhouse

If you’re a solopreneur making IT happen all by your lonesome, you will save a ton of hours from creating these systems from scratch.  

Strategy #2: Complete the templates and hand them off to your Assistant

If you have a VA (or you’re ready to hire one), you will have something already structured and organized to hand off, so you don’t waste hours paying the VA to research how to create this stuff! You can complete the templates with your customized business info, and tell your VA what to do with the info.

For example, you can complete the customer service templates, then have your VA create a FAQ page on your website based on the templates. If you want to publish a product-comparison blog post, give your VA the product-comparison blog template, tell her the types of products you want to compare, and she will have a template, a framework to start from.

Join us the Create Launch Profit eSubscription Box for only $39/month.

 Strategy #3: Send the templates to your Assistant to take first crack at them

Depending on the type of Assistant you have, you can send the template to her right away. She can take a first pass at customizing the template and send it back to you for review and editing.

Strategy #4: Piece de resistance… if you need SYSTEMS

This my friend, is your systemization done-for-you! You can use these templates to create canned responses for email inquiries, standard templates for blog posts, webinar scripts, and the like… You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and start from scratch. Simply customize and automate. 

Subscribe to the eSubscription box

I created this eSubscription Box because I want to provide tools and templates that you as an entrepreneur (without a marketing department) can use to:

CREATE the products and services your audience wants

LAUNCH these products and services using real, orchestrated marketing tactics, and

PROFIT from your hard work to successfully convert fans to customers and grow your business.

Not sure if this right for you? Create. Launch. Profit. Subscribe to a get your free box below:

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