Hello world, thy name is Miss Kemya!

Random Chats
Even I can't believe I started this blog! You see, I've been threatening (only to myself) the publishing of this blog for several  months now. As many of my Twitter followers are aware, I have given myself permission for a do-over for 2011, since the 1st quarter started spinning out of control, albeit it in a good way. So, I decided April 1, 2011 is effectively my Happy New Year! With that said, welcome to Miss Kemya's Blog, the official blog of www.marketingsparkler.com. I am absolutely certain the content of this blog will dynamically change as time moves on, but I am starting it with the intention of discussing marketing (in all its forms) and fashion (globally speaking). One thing is guaranteed, you will learn a little, laugh a little, and enjoy your…
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