About Miss Kemya, Chief Marketing Sparkler

Hi there! I’m a Digital Marketing Strategist and Social Media Manager for small business. I work with coaches, consultants, authors and brick-and-mortars across multiple industries.

If you sell a product or service, I can create a profitable marketing strategy for you! If you don’t know what to sell, I can help you figure that out too!

Wanna launch a membership site? Grab my Launch A Membership Site planning workbook here.

Need social media help? Get my free workbook “How to Use Instagram & Facebook Stories to Drive Brand Awareness, Grow Your List and Increase Sales” here.

If you’re stuck in planning overwhelm trying to launch a new product or service, grab my free ebook and workbook planner Get Over Yourself and Launch Already here.

And I happen to love social media, tweeting @MissKemya and Instagrammin @createlaunchprofit. But enough about me. How you doin?