Selling From A Webinar Templates

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Webinars a very popular online marketing strategy for selling high-ticket products. They’re an effective tool for getting a highly engaged audience that is interested in your information and your pitch…if you do it right. That’s what this template package is all about – helping you with creating your sign up page, your presentation, your pitch and more.

Why Webinars Are an Effective Selling Tool

Before we get to the tools, let’s give you a good overview to selling on webinars.

#1: They Help You Connect with Your Audience

Webinars are personal experiences. Not only are your prospects attending the event with you online, they’re with other people. When you attend a webinar, if the content is compelling, then you are engaged with the information, the presenters, and often times with the other attendees. They’re active learning experiences. As a business owner, this gives you a unique opportunity to connect with your audience.

#2: Your Audience Feels Engaged and Involved

During a webinar, there are different methods you can use to keep your audience with you. Because let’s face it, we’ve all been in webinars where we check out half way through or worse, we click away. By asking questions, delivering information that’s visually engaging, and by actively engaging with your audience member, everyone will feel involved and part of your event.

#3: You Have Their Undivided Attention

One of the main reasons that webinars are successful sales tools is that you’re able to capture your prospect’s attention for a significant period. A person may spend less than a minute reading an email or visiting your blog. It may be under 60 seconds. However, with a webinar you have their attention for up to an hour, giving you much more time to earn their trust and to motivate a sale.

#4: You Speed Up Their Buying Cycle

To be most effective, your webinar content will be targeted toward a specific group of people at a specific stage in their buying cycle. That means tailoring your content to that stage in their cycle. A webinar can step in and help transition prospects through your funnel faster.

Oh yeah, this image was made using one of the product graphics included in the Sales Page Funnel Templates package - and I didn't need Photoshop to create it!

Best Practices for Selling from A Webinar

Webinars are an effective marketing tool when they focus on providing your attendees an exceptional experience. They leave the event not only excited about your company products or services, but also motivated to continue moving forward with your business and taking the next steps.

#1: A Well-Defined Product

Your webinar content needs to naturally flow to the sale of a product or service. So, before you can create the webinar content, it’s a good idea to define the product or service you’re going to pitch.

#2: More Audience Interaction Means More Sales

It’s easy to create a webinar with content that solves a problem and leads to a solution, which you then make available to your audience for purchase. However, if content is all one sided, you’ll have participants that start multi-tasking and not paying attention. You can lose them. Webinars needs to provide interactive features to keep your viewers’ attention and discourage them from leaving or losing attention.

The key to providing more engaging, interactive webinars is to allow attendees to “personalize” their user experience. From within the webcast, viewers should be able to open and close information panels, access social media, respond to polls/surveys, view complementary resources, and network

#3: Be Transparent

Your audience expects that you’re going to pitch a product or service. Don’t try to hide that. Be completely transparent and embrace your pitch. It shouldn’t be a hard sell but you’re probably giving them a special promotional offer and you’re proud of your product or service so pitch with pride.

#4: Leverage a Solid Webinar Structure

Generally, people front-load their webinar. They talk and then at the end they pitch. Instead, consider this format:

Position the heaviest, most valuable, content up font – to get people engaged right away and for those who have limited time to spend with you.

Add mini-pitches throughout. Find a few spots in the middle where you can gently pitch to attendees. Again, this helps you grab people if they have to leave early and it may get some sales rolling in before the end of the webinar.

Make your big offer at the end. It’s okay to be direct with your call to action. As mentioned, your attendees are expecting it and if your content has done its job, then they are looking for it.

Finally, make sure that you use good technology and that you’ve conducted a run through PRIOR to going live. The more professional your webinar, the better your sales will be.

What's Included In This Selling From A Webinar Templates Package

  • Webinar Planning Checklist

    Keep track of all the moving parts of a webinar with this checklist, and stay organized throughout the entire webinar planning process. From identifying your product all the way through marketing your webinar, use this all-inclusive planning checklist every time you create a webinar.

  • Webinar Signup Page Template and Sample

    This fill-in-the-blanks template will help you quickly create a webinar signup page with all the necessary information you need to show your prospects so they sign up for your webinar. We’ve also included a sample sign up page, so you can get more ideas flowing!

  • Webinar Thank You Page Template and Sample

    Thank your readers for signing up for the webinar with this fill-in-the-blanks template.  Use this template to not only provide them with the details of your webinar; ensure your customers have all of the information they need so they will attend your webinar live. We’ve also got a sample there for you to take a look at.

  • Webinar Outline

    No more guessing how to structure your webinar. We’ve got everything included here from the welcome and introduction, providing stories and social proof, all the way down to your closing. I’ve included some great tips that many people miss, so be sure and follow this detailed outline.

  • Webinar Slide Show Template

    This webinar template is going to give you an amazing starting point. You won’t need to worry about staring at blank slides anymore. This template gives you everything you need, just update it to fit your topic. It is also full of tips on how to get your attendees involved and actively listening.

  • Affiliate Recruitment Email

    Use this template to ask affiliates to promote your upcoming webinar. It’s not enough to ask, however, you need to give them as much detail as possible so they can decide if it’s worth their time and effort. That’s where this handy email template comes in. Just plug your specific details and you are good to go.

  • 5 Part Promotional Email Series

    You can’t just send one email out and expect people to sign up for your webinar. Use this series of five emails to help promote your webinar and create buzz.

    These emails work and are proven to get you sign ups. Given all the emails people receive these days, it’s a good idea to remind them and keep reminding. You’ll be surprised how well this works with last minute signups.

Plus A "Read Me First" Insider Strategy Guide with additional tips and insights on how to use the templates!

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How to Leverage Create Launch Profit to Make Your Business Succeed

There are limitless ways you can incorporate the tools and templates included in each monthly package. Let's just look at a few of the ways you can use your subscription to help you CREATE and LAUNCH the products and services you want, to get your most PROFITABLE results.

Strategy #1: Use the templates and implement them yourself if you're a single person powerhouse

If you're a solopreneur making IT happen all by your lonesome, you will save a ton of hours from creating these systems from scratch.

Strategy #2: Complete the templates and hand them off to your Assistant

If you have a VA (or you're ready to hire one), you will have something already structured and organized to hand off, so you don't waste hours paying the VA to research how to create this stuff! You can complete the templates with your customized business info, and tell your VA what to do with the info.

For example, you can complete the customer service templates, then have your VA create a FAQ page on your website based on the templates. If you want to publish a product-comparison blog post, give your VA the product-comparison blog template, tell her the types of products you want to compare, and she will have a template, a framework to start from.

Strategy #3: Send the templates to your Assistant to take first crack at them

Depending on the type of Assistant you have, you can send the template to her right away. She can take a first pass at customizing the template and send it back to you for review and editing.

Strategy #4: Piece de resistance... if you need SYSTEMS

This my friend, is your system done-for-you! You can use these templates to create canned responses for email inquiries, standard templates for blog posts, webinar scripts, and the like... You don't have to reinvent the wheel and start from scratch. Simply customize and automate.

I created this eSubscription Box because I want to provide tools and templates that you as an entrepreneur (without a marketing department) can use to:

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Selling From A Webinar Templates


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-- Template Package for Selling From A Webinar

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for two complete bundles.
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