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30 Days to Becoming A Published Author

Publishing a Kindle eBook can grow your business in exciting, new ways. Some marketers and digital business owners use eBooks to grow their platforms and develop a fan base. You can publish eBooks to create an additional source of passive income in your business, too.

You can use eBooks to boost your credibility, making it easy for you to become a sought-after speaker or well-paid consultant. You might think that writing and publishing an eBook is a difficult process, but it’s not. In fact, the journey to becoming a published author can be fun and enjoyable if you know what to do. Ready to get started?

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Subscribe to the Create Launch Profit eSubscription Box of Marketing Templates for Small Business and download a new, complete set of marketing templates centered around specific themes every month. What kinds of monthly themes, you ask. Affiliate marketing? Blogging? Membership sites? Podcasting? Webinars? Email marketing? Yeah, all that and more!

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Research with BuzzSumo Video Training

You may be curious as to why other marketers rave about Buzzsumo. You know that it gathers a lot of information. You can also see that the data collected can be beneficial to your business.

The most challenging aspect of all of it is knowing how to act on the information. That’s where this training comes in. Watch these videos that spell out how to make the most out of Buzzsumo. Click here for details...


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