B is for Branding Matters

Whether you’re a little fish or a big shark in your industry, branding matters.

Have you consciously defined your brand?

Branding Matters

Go beyond fancy fonts and colorful websites, think about content and substance. What do you want your audience to think of when they see your name or your company’s name? Is your social media engagement an accurate reflection of the image you want to convey? When people visit your website, what impression do they get? Is your brand consistently represented in your daily communication and business practices? What is the message and image you want to convey to your audience?

Give this some thought, and write down the way you want your audience to feel about your brand. This feeling serves as the foundation of your branding strategy. You have control over your brand, don’t leave it to chance!


About the Series

Alphabet Soup for Entrepreneurs is a new weekly series, designed to be a power shot of info you can use for your business today. The topics range from often overlooked marketing basics to leadership, with everything from social media to strategic planning to good ol’ common sense mixed in.

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Meet the Author

Miss Kemya is a Marketing & Social Media Strategist at Marketing Sparkler, a marketing consulting firm that facilitates the growth of small businesses through conventional marketing techniques merged with social media tactics.