5 Ways to Promote Your Juicy Opt-In Email Promotion

Is your Subscribe Here button a little dusty?

Most companies offer some sort of opt-in email promotion to entice visitors to subscribe to their email list. Most will add an opt-in button to their website with a snazzy graphic. They may also have a pop-up appear on the website with this same offer. That’s usually the extent of their promotions.

Sound familiar? Could I be describing you?

That’s ok. We just need to kick it up a few notches!  

You spend all this time creating a great offer, so why not work your butt off to actually promote it? Think about it, if I never visit your website, I’ll never even see your juicy offer.

Once you create and publish your opt-in offer, it’s time to promote it!

Here are five easy ways to promote your opt-in offer online to build your email list.

5 Ways to Promo Your Optin Checklist
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  1. Use Pinterest and pin your opt-in. Write a teaser as your description, with the link to join your subscriber list.
  2. Post your opt-in as a Facebook status update and boost the post. Run it for 3 days, starting on Thursday night. Facebook is a party on Fridays and Saturdays, so this will help maximize your exposure.
  3. Write a brief blog post as a teaser to the opt-in, and end it with something like “for more details, grab my guide at <link>” or “Like what you read so far? Subscribe here to get the full download.”
  4. Write 5 teaser intros for your opt-in and recycle them through your Twitter posts every so often.
  5. Add your opt-in offer to your email signature. WiseStamp is a great app to use for this!

There you have it, a five step plan to go beyond the website pop-up and really promote your opt-in offer to an expanded audience. It’s time to build your list!

Get creative with your promotional strategy to generate interest beyond your regular website visitors.

Miss Kemya


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